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Parallel Sessions

Next to the excellent expert keynote lectures, we received a great number of abstracts with proposals for symposia, panels and workshops and we thank the authors for their submissions!
We are able to present Ten excellent invited symposia by international experts AND More than 50 symposia and workshops on a wide variety of therapies and clinical themes.
In case of any question please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


THURSDAY 7 JUNE 2018 Parallel Session I: 15:00 - 16:30
Speaker(s) Title Track

Groenendijk, C. (Cobie);
Ruesink, B. (Ben)

Psychotherapy with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) patients: Stronger through diversity & integration. Diversity / gender & sexual identity
Moussaoui, D. (Driss);
Rohlof, H. (Hans);
Boedjarath, I. (Indra);
Gomperts, W. (Wouter)
INVITED SYMPOSIUM: Transcultural Aspects of Psychotherapy Transcultural Psychotherapy
Berg, D. van den (David);
Varese, F. (Filippo);
Bont, P. de (Paul);
Hardy, A. (Amy)
INVITED SYMPOSIUM: Trauma-focused therapies in psychosis Trauma
Mosel, J. van (Jos);
Yeomans, F.E. (Frank);
Steeman, M.A.B. (Marike)
Countertransference in Transference Focused Psychotherapy (TFP) Personality Disorders / TFP
Bosch, L.M.C van den (Wies);  
Chakhssi, F (Farid);
Pol, S.M. (Silvia);
Oostendorp, J.M.O (Jeanine);
Haeyen, S. (Suzanne)
Scelta, a residential and day-hospital multidisciplinary treatment of personality disorders (PDs) in the Netherlands: findings from the clinical practice Personality Disorders
Hoyer, J. (Juergen) & Pittig, A (Andre);

Feijt, M.A. (Milou);

Lorenze-Luaces, L.;

Spinhoven, P. (Philip)
Why do behavior therapists struggle with exposure? A comprehensive investigation into the barriers for exposure-based interventions

Towards the diversification of drivers and barriers for the adoption of online psychological treatment by therapists: a conceptual model

The generalizability of studies of unguided internet-based CBT vs. studies of antidepressant medications or face-to-face psychotherapy

The effects of cognitive-behavior therapy for depression on repetitive negative thinking: A meta-analysis
Anxiety & Depression / Novel

Reubsaet, RJ (Rosi)
Schematherapy with Cluster-C personality disorders: Working with modes in groupschema- therapy Personality Disorders
Hauber, K. (Kirsten);
Muller, N (Nicole)
MBT for children and adolescents with insecure attachment and developing personality disorders in research and clinical practice Children / MBT
Hutsebaut, J (Joost); Berghuis, H (Han);  
Ingenhoven, T.J.M. (Theo)
Semi-Structured Interview for Personality Functioning DSM-5 (STiP-5.1) Assessment / PD
Lincoln, TL (Tania);  
Myin-Germeys, IM (Inez);
Ebert, DE (David Daniel);
Malachowski, AM (Alissa);
Schwannauer, MS (Matthias)
What are the chances and challenges of mobile interventions for severe mental disorders? Novel

Uccello, C. (Cynthia); Butterly, C. (Catherine)

Zhao, H (Haohao)

Serneels, G. (Geertrui); Warriner, M. (Michelle)

Zakharov, I. (Ilya)
Common Threads Project: A psychotherapeutic intervention for the long-term psychological consequences of sexual violence, war, and displacement

Dialectical Integration Psychotherapy
——the integration-oriented psychotherapy based on the mainstream philosophy in contemporary China

‘Building bridges, breaking barriers between mental health professionals and its super-divers community’

Anticipatory reflection of reality: value-oriented concept of psychotherapy of anxiety
Bembina, B.A. (Adriana);  
Procaccini, P.C. (Carolina);
Marcone, M.N. (Nadia)
Early psychotherapeutic intervention for the prevention, diagnosis and cure of mental disorders in children Children

Lipovsky, M. (Myriam);
Zydower, L. (Licky)

Body Talk  
FRIDAY 8 JUNE 2018 Parallelsession II: 09:00 - 10:30
Speaker(s) Title Track
Meewisse, ML (Mariel);
Koetsier, T. (Thera);  
Daniels, M. (Martine)
Traumafocused psychotherapies for PTSD related to childhood abuse: working mechanisms and its effect on schemamodes Trauma
Plakun, E. (Eric) Dynamic Therapy With Self-Destructive Borderline Patients: An Alliance Based Intervention for Suicide Personality disorder
Piedfort-Marin, O. (Olivier);
Reddemann, L (Luise);
Englert, I (Isabel);
Orellana-Rios, C. (Claudia)
Treating complex trauma with Psychodynamic Imaginative Trauma Therapy : the key role of compassion. Complex trauma & compassion
Voogt, A.M.C. de (Anna); Verheijde, C. (Caroline) ...Stronger through diversity Transcultural Psychotherapy / Diversity
Hersh, R. (Richard) Applied Transference-Focused Psychotherapy: Practical Use of Key Principles in Psychiatric and Medical Settings Personality Disorders / TFP
Vogt, K. (Katharina)

Nolan, E.N. (Elizabeth)

van Dijke, A. (Annemiek)

Sarlak, D. (Deniz)
Is mentalization-based therapy effective in treating the symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder? A systematic review

Change in Group Psychotherapy at a Transitional Housing Facility

Group psychotherapy for chronic severe somatic symptoms and conversion disorder (SSCD) with subclinical PTSD: feasibility and results.

The effect of psychodrama based intervention program on the level of hopelessness and suicidality in university students with mild depression.
Group Psychotherapy
Knapen, S.r.y. (Saskia);  
van Duursen, R. (Rozemarijn)
AMBIT: psychotherapy for the ‘hard-to-reach’ made possible Personality Disorders
Lord, S. (Susan) Moments of Meeting: The Use of Meditative Dialogue in Work with Trauma Trauma
van Ee, E. (Elisa)

Garnefski, N (Nadia)

Ng, M.T. (Michael)
We used to live on our own little islands: A quantative and qualitative evaluation of multi-family therapy with veterans.

Relationships between past traumatic life events, cognitive emotion regulation strategies, and present somatic complaints

Loss of Self in Childhood Maltreatment: Trauma-related Alienation Appraisal, Mental Well-being, and Self-referenced Representations
Conradi, H.J. (Henk Jan)

Jimenez, AL Dr. (Aida);
Concepción, A. (Aysha);
Martínez, J. (José)

Martinez, S. (Sylvia)

Sebregts, PGAJ (Pierre)
Effectiveness of the Hold me Tight relationship enhancement course for groups of couples: For whom does it work?

Attachment and family functioning among a sample of Puerto Rican women living in communities with high level of violence

Dealing with conflict in psychotherapy from an attachment perspective: A case study

Short-term Inpatient Psychotherapy (STIP-TA): discussion of working mechanisms and clinical demonstration.
O'Connor, K. (Kieron);
Visser, H.V. (Henny)
Inference based Cognitive Therapy for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Cognitive Psychotherapy
Lam, K.N.A. 't (Karel) Firesetting –
The road from criminal investigation to forensic mental health treatment
Group Psychotherapy
FRIDAY 8 JUNE 2018 Parallel Session III 13:00 - 14:30
Speaker(s) Title Track
Langeland, W. (Willemien);
Jepsen, EK (Ellen);
Brand, B (Bethany);
Thomaes, K (Kathleen)
Complex trauma related disorders in adults: Symptom course and predictors (Complex) trauma
Arntz, A. (Arnoud);
Keck, M. (Martin);
Simpson, S. (Susan);
Rijkeboer, M. (Marleen)
INVITED SYMPOSIUM: New Developments in Schema Therapy Personality Disorders / Schema
Cheung, S. (Stephen) Multicultural Group Therapy for Asian Immigrants With Severe Mental Disorders Transcultural Psychotherapy
Vermetten, E. (Eric);  
Nijdam, M. (Mirjam);
Groot, D. de (Dorien);
Schöls, K. (Karlijn)
Psychotherapy in motion: 3MDR Trauma
Van Dam, Q.D. (Quin); Philipszoon, H.D. (Dorien) Affect Phobia Therapy and Self Image Psychodynamic psychotherapy / affect fobia
Megen, H.J.G.M. van (Harold) Il conformista , the movie  
Spruijt, G.H.M. (Gert);
Kooiman, C.G. (Kees);
Vendysova Bakalarova, E. (Eda)
Transference Focused Psychotherapy; some of its concepts for use in general practice Personality Disorders / TFP
Hutsebaut, J (Joost);
Feenstra, D.J. (Dineke);
Bales, D.L. (Dawn)
Developing stage-tailored interventions to prevent and intervene early in young people with a disposition to develop borderline personality disorder Children

Rosen, V.C.R. (Valerie)
How to Mend a Broken Soul: Cognitive Processing Therapy melded with a Psychodynamic Approach in a Case of Multiple Suicides within one Family Trauma
Rushbrook, S.C. (Sophie);
Hempel, R. J. (Roelie)
Social-Signalling Matters: Using Radically Open Dialectical Behaviour Therapy to Enhance Social Connectedness Novel

Wang, X.R.W. (XinRui);

Toprak, T. (Taha)

Demir, I. (Ilkay)

van Ee, E. (Elisa)
To observe the effect of Jiu Wei Zhen Xin Ke Li with Morita therapy treat insomnia patients with bipolar disorder in the maintenance stage.

An Attempt for Alternative Approach for the Structure of Human and its Applications: Ilm’uNafs

Turkish counseling students’ cultural perspectives on therapist-client relationship: A grounded theory study

Growing up under a shadow: Children born of sexual violence
Transcultural Psychotherapy
Gorlee, M.J. (Maria) The psychology of the migrant and some therapeutic implications Transcultural Psychotherapy / migration
Wiersema, H. (Hans) The therapist's openness in embarassing situations. An interactive clinical discussion about what to say when to whom. Therapeutic relationship
FRIDAY 8 JUNE 2018 Parallel Session IV: 15:00 - 16:30
Speaker(s) Title Track
Willemsen, E.M.C. (Ellen);
Van, H.L. (Rien);
Kooiman, C.G. (Kees);  
Aalders, H. (Helga);
Philipszoon, H.D. (Dorien)
What’s the difference that makes the difference in the assessment and treatment of Cluster C personality disorders? Personality Disorders / Cluster C
Riper, H. (Heleen);
Schaik, A. van (Anneke);
Evers, A. (Andrea);
Mohr, D. (David)
INVITED SYMPOSIUM: E-Mental Health - Beyond state of the art: Patient-, therapist & data-driven digital mental health care E-health
Van Dijke, A (Annemiek);  
van Groningen, P. (Puck)
Treatment techniques integrating diverse verbal and non-verbal psychotherapy perspectives to help overcome dysfunctional self regulation and character strategies in patients reporting complex childhood trauma histories. Trauma
Porslid, T.G. (Terry)

Porslid, T.G. (Terry)

Ghane, S (Samrad); Jong, J.T.V.M. de (Joop); Colijn, S (Sjoerd); Knipscheer, J.W. (Jeroen)

Eagle, G.T. (Gillian)
A Stabilisation Program for Yazidi Survivors of ISIS Captivity

Psychotherapy in a Humanitarian Setting: Current practice in Iraqi Kurdistan

Psychotherapy and diversity: Towards an inclusive and effective psychotherapy practice for all

Race-related prejudice in the context of therapy: Psychodynamic formulations
Transcultural Psychotherapy
Bales, D. (Dawn);
Broekhuyzen, A.J. van (Anne)
MBT – Quality in mind. Rate your own MBT program! Improving the effectiveness of an evidence based treatment program in real clinical practice Personality Disorders / MBT
Bekker, M. H. J. (Marrie);
Moleiro, C. (Carla);
Kunst, L. E. (Laura);
Maas, J. (Joyce)
Autonomy-connectedness: A transdiagnostic factor for diverse mental health problems, to be targeted in diverse psychotherapy types Novel
Beurs, de (Edwin);
Oudejans, S (Suzan);
Janse, P.D. (Pauline);
Tiemens, B. (Bea);
Metz, M (Margot)
Experiences with Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM) in clinical practice Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM)
Stikkelbroek, Y.A.J. (Yvonne);
Braet, C. (Caroline);
Rasing, S.P.A. (Sanne);
Ebert, D.D. (David)
Treatment of depressive disorders in adolescents beyond the guidelines: improving the outcomes Child & adolescent / depression
Cosci, FC (Fiammetta);
Meulenbeek, PM (Peter);
Blanc, J.V.B. (Jean-Victor)
Increasing psychological well-being in the clinical setting Positive psychology
Boedjarath, I (Indra);
Spaans, S. (Sascha);
Kerner, R. (Roy);
Vaassen, S. (Sylvia);
Blanker, C. (Cynthia)
Parental psychotherapy as precondition: A novel practice-based multi-stress families centered therapy Children
Smid, G.E. (Geert);
Nijdam, M.J. (Mirjam)
Brief Eclectic Psychotherapy for Traumatic grief Trauma
Traumatic grief
Wereszczynska, K. (Kasia) The Cost of Caring: Recognizing Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma, and Burnout Trauma / compassion fatigue
Deij, PD (Petra) Dealing with Affairs and Infidelity Adult
SATURDAY 9 JUNE 2018 Parallel Session V: 09:00 - 10:30
Speaker(s) Title Track
Van, H. (Henricus);
Balkom, A. van (Anton);
Bekhuis, E (Ella);
Bockting, C.L. (Claudi);
Ingenhoven, Th (Theo)
INVITED SYMPOSIUM: When do we need to add pharmacotherapy to psychotherapy for patients with depression, anxiety or personality disorders? Farma
Koks, R. (Rob);
Haas de, W. (Willem)
INVITED SYMPOSIUM: Practice Guidelines for Group Treatment: professionalizing group treatment in the Netherlands Group Psychotherapy
C.Cornelissen, C (Kees);
Oonk, J. (Joy);
Verpoort-Douw, J (José 
Building capacity for successful exposure to traumatic memories. A psychodynamic approach in a traumafocussed psychotherapy. Trauma
Schalkwijk, F. (Frans)

Sacco, B. (Betty)

Mitra, S. (Somdeb)

Chiesa, M. (Marco)
All elements are equal, but some elements are more equal than other: Narcissistic Personality Disorder In the DSM-5, section III

Children of Narcissistic Mothers Between Embodiment and Psychosis

A dynamic therapeutic study of the profiles of borderline personality disorder in quantitative and qualitative contextual frame

Four Years Comparative Follow-up Evaluation of Community-based, Step-down and Residential Specialist Psycho-dynamic Programs for Personality Disorders
Personality Disorders / Narcissism

Nicolai, N.J. (Nelleke);
Vanaerschot, G. (Greet);
Hebbrecht, M (Marc)

INVITED SYMPOSIUM: Empathy as fundamental for psychotherapy General
Caspar, F. (Franz)

Vakharia, S. (Sheila); Milet, R. (Rene)

Thomas, V. (Val)

Pakenham, K. (Kenneth)
On the way to optimising psychotherapy: Integrating Diversity into already integrative approaches

Come As You Are: Acceptance, Alliance and Limits in Harm Reduction Psychotherapy with Substance Users

Mental imagery in psychotherapy : A potential unifying framework for diverse practices

The impacts of a self-as-laboratory informed psychotherapy curriculum on student learning, mental health, help-seeking, mental illness stigma, self-care, and psychological flexibility
Theory / other
Aalders, H. (Helga);
Willemsen, EMC (Ellen);
Guideline integrated treatment for personality disorders (GIT-PD) in the Netherlands Personality Disorders
Gudde, L. (Liesbeth); Welmers - van de Poll, J.M. (Marianne);
Liber, J. (Juliette)
Therapeutic alliance in family-involved treatment, multi-problem families and problematic adolescents Children
O'Connor, K. (Kieron);  
Aardema, FA Dr. (Frederick); Wong, Shiu Fung Dr (Kelvin); Sauvageau, Rose (Julie);
Visser, HV (Henny)
Can you delve into the minds of your obsessive-compulsive disordered (OCD) clients to treat them more effectively: New developments inference based cognitive therapy (IBCT) Cognitive Psychotherapy / OCD

Hooren, S. (Susan);  
Koch, S. (Sabine);
Haeyen, S. (Suzanne);
Fachner, J. (Jörg);
Prick, A. (Anna-Eva)

Effects and working factors of arts therapies Art therapies
Locher, C. (Cosima);
Trachsel, MT (Manuel);
Frey Nascimento, AFN (Antje);
Gerger, HG (Heike)
What are the characteristics of a 'good treatment'? On the example of psychotherapy and open-label placebo Good treatment' / novel
Lemma, A.   CME Course
Richter, E. (Eva) Still a valuable tool in the 21st century? The use of projective tests in child and adolescent psychotherapy Child & Adolescent
SATURDAY 9 JUNE 2018 Parallel Sessions VI: 13:00 - 14:30
Speaker(s) Title Track
Ingenhoven, T. (Theo);
Segaar, J. (Jaap);
Bartak, A. (Anna);
Kamsteeg, F. (Frans)
INVITED SYMPOSIUM: Psychotherapy within a day-hospital or inpatient setting: the strength of a therapeutic milieu! Personality Disorder
Driessen, E. (Ellen);
Huibers, M.J.H;
DeRubeis, R.J;
Lutz, W.
INVITED SYMPOSIUM: Personalizing psychotherapy "other" / Precision medicine, personalized treatment selection.
Bekker, M. (Marrie); Langeland, W. (Willemien);
Sempértegui, G.A. (Gabriela);
Ratinho, I. (Inês);
Baliatsas, C. (Christos)
Diverse people, diverse psychotherapies? Diversity
Aarts, R. (Rembrant);
Rie, de la (Simone)
Trauma across the life span: Treatment of PTSD after multiple and complex traumatic events with Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) Trauma
Bartak, A. Anna);
Dil, L M (Linda);
Eshof, J W van den (Hannah);
Koppers, D (David);
Grieken, R A van (Roos)
Personalized treatment for patients with personality disorders and depression Personality Disorder
Chiu, C. Chui-De)

Ng, H. (Hau Ching)

Lo, Pak Kwan

Kwok, W. (Wing Ki)

Meet an unsettled problem, but not a shattered mind: Logical analysis turned off an empathic mind

Can’t Feel Your Emotion Though I See It: Perspective-taking and Vicarious Emotion in Borderline Personality Disorder

Bridging a suffered mind: Experiential focus enables perspective-taking for staying connected with other people

Empathizing me, embodying you: self-compassion, empathy, and visuospatial perspective switching

Therapeutic Relationship (international)
Bohlmeijer, E. (Ernst);
Franken, K (Katinka);
de Vos, J.A. (Sander);
Chakhssi, F (Farid)
Well-being as an important focus for and outcome of psychotherapy Positive Psychology
Rasing, S. (Sanne);
Löchner, J. (Johanna;
Creemers, D.H.M. (Daan);
Ebert, D.D. (David);
Bodden, D.H.M. (Denise)
Depression prevention in adolescents: possibilities for online- and mobile-based prevention, school-based prevention, and prevention in clinical care Child & Adolescent
van Buuren, A. (Arnoud) Creating new memories on an experiential level: The power of safe healing with Pesso-Boyden System Psychomotor Psychomotor Psychotherapy
de Jong, K. (Kim);
Barkham, M (Michael);
Wampold, B.E. (Bruce)
Differences in outcomes between therapists and ways for therapists to improve themselves Other
van den Berg, E. (Elske);
Geerts, M. (Marjolein);
van Riel, L. (Laura);
Schlochtermeier, D. (Daniela)
How to improve an evidence based practice in the treatment of eating disorders Novel / Eating disorder
Hafkenscheid, A. (Anton);
Que, F. (Frans)
Improvisational, semi-structured multi-cultural intervision Therapeutic Relationship
van Dun, P. (Pim); van Dijk, J. (Janie) Psychodrama as resource of interpersonal change in a schema focused psychodynamic psychotherapy group Psychodynamic psychotherapy / Schemetherapy
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